Wednesday, August 19, 2015

And the whoosh begins

If today were the 18th, thus marking 3 months of the weight loss reboot, I could had another 1.5 pounds to the weight loss. Sigh... Just means I'll show a big weight loss for next month (hopefully).

I could tell last night that things were changing as despite moving furniture around all day, my ankles were slimmer in the evening. I could tell there was less puffiness. My rings this morning were sliding around a bit where they were feeling snuggish the last few days. Sure enough, scale showed a 1.5 loss from yesterday. Thus, my monthly WHOOSH!!! has begun!

What am I going to do to stall it a day? I'm going to eat canned beans and salsa tonight for dinner which ALWAYS make me hold water weight! Yay!?!!? Looks something like this:

Super yummy, super healthy, a bit high sodium.

Then this weekend I'm going to a training where they are feeding us. That should be interesting. I'll bring my own lunch and just deal with their dinners. I have no idea what it will be, but I can keep it within calories if I don't eat their provided lunch.

I'm just ready to move beyond this weight.... 1 pound to get to a new low!!!!

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