Monday, August 3, 2015

And so the water weight starts to go!

The last few days on the scale:

Down half a pound from the day before.
Down nothing from the day before.
Down almost a pound next day.
Down almost 2 pounds from the day before.
Almost 3 pounds in 3 days.

The first week post vacation I lost a wee bit (2 pounds). My calorie count was lower, but I was having a bit of cake, which is more sugars than I'm used to.

Then, I got rid of the cake, but for two days in a row I made food with homemade salsa. And for whatever reason, I always hold water (a lot of water) when I eat salsa. So, I didn't drop a single ounce the second day of that (dropped half a pound the first day - which was surprising and that must have meant I was dropping glycogen weight more than I was holding salsa water weight).

Then, I dropped the salsa and the water weight finally started to flush away, quite literally.

I'm still half a pound higher than I was 2 weeks ago, but I also think that one weigh in was a total blip as it was over one pound lower than it was the day before. So, I'm going to think (now) that I'm in new territory for weight loss (again).

And I feel great and it's easy again. NO MORE SUGARS!!! I'll have to be ultra vigilant during the winter!

Of course, most of this weight is FAT, but I'm working on it! This cartoon made me laugh, though!

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