Sunday, August 9, 2015

Didn't fall off the wagon - just got busy! And appetites.

I'm actually 100% on plan. Scale won't show it, but that's because of where I am in my monthly cycle.

So, what's up with me. Absolutely nothing interesting. I have been working a lot with Fall prep as it's coming SOON and then we have had a bit of social activity which has been great too. Especially since it didn't involve food!

What I am amazed about right now with ME is that my appetite and others around me have vastly different natural appetites. I am controlling my eating. My kids and spouse are not. Yet, they eat 'smallish' portions in my opinion. I could and would eat double quite easily if I ate what I felt like I wanted to eat. And that includes nearly any food types. I would eat more meat, more salad, more veggies, more cookies, more everything if I ate what I felt I wanted to eat.  Why don't I have a sensor that lets me feel that I've had enough when I've had enough?

I commented on it to my husband yesterday.  He ate breakfast. About 560 calories. He had a mini snack brownie for lunch so, 70 calories, and then he ate the exact same dinner as I did last night and about the same amount which was about 650 calories. Then, he had two iced coffees (coffee with milk) so add another 100 or so calories. and one small glass of wine. He for sure ate no more than 1500 calories yesterday. A man. and he had enough food. Today he ate similarly. And he's FULL. He's satisfied. How is that possible????

When I eat 1500 calories I rarely feel full. I can feel 'satisfied' but I would have eaten more if I wanted to and they would be enjoyable calories too!

My 18 year old son rarely finishes a meal. His stomach fills up. He nibbles on food and is just full. He never gorges on junk even though junk food is always around. Again, how is that possible?


I have to be aware of every morsel I put in my mouth. I have to count everything. I can eyeball calorie count almost anything (and I'm pretty darn accurate). If I didn't count and followed my hunger for food, I would be (again) 275 pounds or higher.

I guess I'm just glad that it seems both my boys inherited the gene to "be full". No wonder as a child my uncle said he worried about me being the one of the kids who would have problems with my weight even when I was a thin kid. I think he saw that I didn't have a normal appetite shut off valve. It's NOT just about sugars. If that were true, I wouldn't have to calorie count! And I do need to calorie count even on low carb.  Even on intermittent fasting. A 2-4 hour window to eat? NO>>>> I need a 30 minute, controlled window to eat!

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