Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Still here - still chugging along

And slowly chugging is what it has been. I knew it would finally have to finally go down as I was doing everything right, but... hormones were messing with me.

I "think" what happened is that my body was gearing up for an ovulation and then it didn't happen, so it went down a bit and then stalled. Then a few days ago I noticed sure signs of ovulation again and sure enough, 2 days later I lost a pound, then next day two pounds, and then 2 pounds the day after. Over 5 pounds flushed away in 3 days. After bouncing around the same 3-4 pounds for over a month. I was frustrated, but I didn't give up and now that struggle is paying off! Woohoo!

So... at 3.5 months into this I've lost 40 pounds.  Which means I'm also back to the weight I was a year ago... before I went crazy and gained all that weight over the fall, winter, and early spring.

Woohoo! I still have a long way to go, but it's still easy and that helps!

I've also started adding in movement every day since a few days ago. I've been adding in a bit little by little, but now I'm ready to make it a goal to do something every day. And to help with that tomorrow I'm ordering my walking treadmill and desk.

Now that was another big struggle - which to get? I finally opted to get the true walking treadmill once I figured out that the running treadmill desk couldn't lower to normal desk height, which would necessitate standing or leaning all day and that just isn't going to happen! So... tomorrow is the big day to spend some big bucks!

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