Friday, September 11, 2015


I finally decided on and ordered the treadmill and desk that I had planned on - and a better keyboard and better mouse and an ergonomic stool/chair. I will be set to be more ergonomically positioned when I sit and to be up on my feet and moving more and more of the day. Yay!!!!

So... after a lot of back and forth, this is what I went with.  I got an uplift scratch and dent bamboo desk that is the exact same size desk of what I have now (and it will live in the exact same spot in my office). Getting a scratch and dent allowed me to get a wood desk at a laminate desk price (saving me over $500). It looks like this:

And while walking, it will look something like this:

Except that I will use a monitor arm to get my monitor up at eye level so I'm not looking down.

Since my office space is fairly small, maximizing space is key. I will be doing with this guy does:

I will sit on the treadmill at the desk. I will stand on the treadmill at the desk, and I will walk on the treadmill at the desk. This man actually bought a desk wide enough to sit and stand but found it was more work to adjust the monitor(s), keyboard, etc than it was to just move the matt and stool.

I'm even getting the same ergonomic stool (That works the core), but in red fabric:

Lastly, I got an ergonomic keyboard and ergonomic mouse. Both bluetooth wireless so I can switch between my laptop and work computer easily and quickly (and ergonomically)

Cost the same as a pretty nice vacation, but it should last for years and should improve my mood and most definitely improve my health.

Now, it's just getting my office all together before the stuff arrives! Next is a trip to IKEA to get all the Kallax units to create storage for work (which I just removed from another area of the building).

Maybe I'll give a tour when it's all done!

Oh, and I'm chugging along with losing more weight and getting more movement. Down 45 pounds... my 4 month reboot-versary will be soon and we'll see where the weight loss ends up for the month.

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