Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I hate having BMI stuff shoved down my throat!

Once a week the app I use (Mynetdiary)  to track foods, exercise, and weight gives me a little "congrats!" notice. Last night this popped up:

Sure, it was great to see I've lost 6.6 pounds this past week after not losing hardly anything in over a month (water weight anyone!?!?!). And I'm ok with it showing how much farther it is for me to get to my goal - another 51 pounds basically. (today it is under 50 pounds to go!!!) What I'm not cool with is it telling me that I need to lose another 66.8 pounds to be within the BMI range that is considered normal for me.

It was trying to attain that normal status a few years ago, as I was close, but not quite there, that led to so much frustration. I was pushing so hard. I was doing super intense workouts. I was counting every single calorie that passed my lips. And I still wasn't there. I was going for a "athletic" goal for body fat percentage (25% or lower). I was so close! I was at 26%. I was working so extremely hard to achieve the unattainable goal. I got to my initial "goal" in 12 months and lost 90 pounds. It took me 7 more months to lose 6 more pounds and I was still 4 pounds shy of my new goal before my body succumbed to several injuries due to overuse.  It was 6 months of constant, intense workouts (6 days a week) and watching every morsel for 6 lousy pounds. And I was hungry all the freaking time. Every day was this intense mental battle to not consume more calories because every extra bit of food would mean it would take that much longer to get to my goal. BUT according to this app I was still 11 pounds over my "normal" top weight I should be. Grrrr....

Now, I do want to be more fit and I do want to push myself, but reminding me of an unattainable BMI for me is just cruel. That, and it's mean to say my goal isn't good enough. Isn't my goal of being healthy and fit and just a bit over the ideal BMI far, far better than being 100 pounds overweight? Do I need to reach perfection to be considered "OK"? That is ridiculous!!! Of course I don't!!!

So, I'm ignoring normal BMI as much as I can. I'm trying to put it out of my head. Then I get these weekly reminders that I have to lose this much more to get to a normal bmi. Well screw you Mynetdiary!!! (And I will be writing to the company). I love your app for everything else, but this sucks!!!

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