Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today starts the next few days of craziness - let's see how I fair!

Today:  Finish making decorations for a cake, get to farmer's market, make dinner, get older son all set for their game tonight - feeding him early, getting him back to school, picking him up, making sure his homework gets done, start putting Sunday School boxes together.

Friday: Get food for Saturday's event, make homemade ice cream, get to another farmer's market (different days have different vendors, so I can get different food - kind of a pain), organize and clean house for Saturday's event, go to the gym.

Saturday: prep food and cook food, have a meeting in our house with lunch served, make a 3 tier cake, ice it later in the day, get ready for first Sunday School of the year (a party), make dinner, etc.

Sunday: finish cake, get to Virginia early for setting up for Sunday school and setting up cake, go to a Sunday School Committee meeting, hold Sunday School, drive home, start canning process of tomatoes, make dinner. Collapse.

My history has been that whenever I'm dealing with cake, I get nervouse or something and end up eating more. Maybe the stress of it or maybe just being around all that sweet smelling food does it, I don't know.

But as busy as I will be the next few days, keeping eating on track will be hard. Even last night, when I was tired and working on cake decorations, I nibbled a bit on a couple chocolate chip cookies. Why? I have no idea! I had done great the rest of the day! All in all it was a nothing gained, nothing lost day, but the plan is to LOSE these days, not gain!

It's the sleep that might get me. I need to be sure to get some good sleep despite the crazy schedule. It might not sound like a ton, but every one of those things can and will take longer than I expect they will. Isn't that always the case?


  1. Did you hold up okay, Melissa? We had our own craziness and I was thrilled to see that despite a few hugely over-calorie days I was only up about two pounds from my weight before I went on vacation. Now I'm rectifying that with cleaner on-plan days, though ;)

  2. Hi there, I’m Judy! I have a question and would love to speak with you more. Please email me when you get a chance, thank you!