Monday, September 9, 2013

A weekend away and how I faired

This weekend we did a whirlwind trip to three universities for my son's college search.  We headed out on Friday late afternoon and go home early evening on Sunday.

My eating went like this:

Friday - spot on. I had a small breakfast, a low carb, smallish lunch, and a quick, healthy dinner. That's it. All was good.

Friday night, I got a bit too little sleep. Went to bed a bit after midnight and was wide away by 7 am.

Saturday: I had a nice, big, low carb breakfast of eggs and bacon (and coffee). I had a protein bar for lunch, and a salad with a roll for dinner. The day involved lots of driving and lots of walking. Ended the day with  some cheese, a bit of fruit and a few crackers. Too many calories for the day, but not by a lot and the choices were good.

Sunday. Again, a bit too little sleep. I had a good, low carb breakfast, a slice of banana bread (equivalent) then a HUGE lunch of much more carbs than I usually have because I had fries and bread with the sandwich, but also a lot of protein. But then, after another 3 hours in the car, I grabbed a Snickers at the rest stop to help me stay alert. Then, when we got  home I ate 6 Oreo cookies. I was exhausted and therefore, all restraint went by the wayside. Way over the calorie count and carb count for the day. Exhaustion won out over reason. But... even with caving, it is still far less "caving" than I was doing. I did stop myself, but not before doing some damage.

And today it is Monday. I am pooped, to say the least. Again, a bit too little sleep and the weekend rush has taken it's mental toll. I need a vacation from the trip! But, I have a will of steel. I can tell it will be OK today - especially if I sneak in a nap!

So, the weekend didn't go quite as smoothly as I planned with eating, but nothing outrageous either. Now just to get back with the program again.

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