Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm on a roll, but the next few days will be tough!

I'm completely on plan with my eating and my exercise and have avoided food disasters by pure avoidance of temptation.

However, tomorrow my son's elementary school is having its international fair and I said I would bring Croatian food. Last time I brought mini cupcakes of traditional Croatian cake. They were delicious and enormously popular. This time? I don't think I can handle making the cakes without dipping into it.

Then, on Sunday it's the spring festival. My letter group is supposed to bring a side dish. I'll bring some veggies, but I kind of want to make something else too as it's a day before my son's birthday AND it's a day before Earth day. I'm thinking of something for that - like mini cupcakes in mini flower pots decorated to look like mini flowers. But the temptation? But I don't need to make a dessert and technically, I'm not supposed to with the division of foods.

And then Monday is my son's 8th birthday. There is no getting around making him a cake for his birthday. None. At. All.

So, I'm torn. I'm known to be an excellent baker. Well, an excellent overall cook and I do enjoy cooking and can make some wonderful, healthy foods as well as the sweet favorites. But my heart is saying, "make cupcakes" and my head is saying, "Don't do it! You know you will eat the frosting and/ or the batter!"

Wish it were possible to make cute earth day foods out of real food instead of just desserts! As wouldn't something like this be so cute to display?

It's the side of me that likes to create! I want to make something! Oh curse you food!!!

Editing to say:  OK... I'm going to behave which means avoiding temptation. I will NOT make a dessert for the international fair tomorrow. I'll make an appetizer or typical dish that is yummy, but not a bad food for me.

On Sunday for the festival, I will stick what I'm supposed to bring which is a side dish. Maybe I might make a loaf of bread too, but that at least I can't dip my fingers into the batter to eat, right? right!

And that just leaves my son's birthday cake. Making one item even if I do have a bit is a far sight better than having three temptations in 4 days. So... that's that... I must not be faced with the foods that give me the most trouble resisting - doughs/batter and frosting!

I'll make these cute flower pot cupcakes some other time.

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