Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm beginning to feel the flab on my tummy go down

Most of my recent weight gain went right to the gut. Almost totally and completely. It's my trouble spot anyway, so to put on weight in the gut was insult to injury.  But it also made it harder to hide! Which might have been a good thing.

With doing strength training 3 times a week and with cardio another 2-3 times a week, AND with my eating all in order, my gut is shrinking and getting flatter. It feels so good! And my clothes look so much better!

Yesterday I went to Marshalls to look for something in the kitchen area, but I decided to browse the dresses for some strange reason. I went for a year with buying new stuff for every season, but for the last 10 months or so? Nada. Not a thing!

So, I found this dress. First. It's striped  - horizontally striped. Second, it's knit. Third, it's form fitting. What made me think I should try it on? But, I'm glad I did. It's slimming and looks really, really good on me! Maybe some day I'll take a photo of me in it.

The site is cool. It even shows it in demo mode:  And no. I didn't even pay half that price!

And... it will only look better as I lose the last bit of weight. Oh... and it's a size 10.

I stepped on the scale today and while it's only down a smidgeon, it is down and this is the time of the month it normally goes up, so this is exciting. Maybe, finally, I'll drop some significant poundage! PLEASE!  This winter was a tough one for me. Really, really tough.

So... while I don't really like our weight lifting routine. It's doing it's job. I'm sore somewhere every time, but I'm able to do more and my body is already showing results. yay to that!

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