Saturday, May 30, 2015

The weight loss isn't visible, but I feel better about myself

It happens every time - the scale starts to go down, nothing really changes in how I look or how my clothes fit, but my mood just lifts because I just KNOW I am treating myself well and taking care of myself after months of neglect. I feel more self confident.

I notice I'm sitting up straighter, holding my shoulders back better. I am wanting to do more stuff because my mood is up. Yesterday I planted a bazillion things on the deck - and then cleaned the masses of dirt and debris and got it all out for yard pick up and recycling. This morning I got some more plants and planted those and did a bit of weeding. Tonight I'll weed some more and then delve into at home stuff with getting the craft room more put together. Here's some of the stuff I did yesterday:

I'm looking to see what's next - I need to tear up the carpet in the basement and haul it out. And the padding. Then get the floor all set for laying down a cork floor. Like this:

After that I'm looking to add a gated, fenced in raised garden to put in this fall (hmmm.... we would probably need to level the ground... Hmmm...) It's exercising with a PURPOSE.

Even the other day at Goodwill I found a smaller step for $5 and I thought maybe my son and I could start doing step together (he loves fitness songs/videos on Just Dance). Once our basement is fixed up, we can make an exercise studio down there - adding the TRX stuff that we bought have never used (as I got injured shortly after buying it). Some googling made me realize I found a Jane Fonda step!

I have one of these for myself:

Oh if I could just keep this energy! Why is winter so cruel to me????

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