Tuesday, May 26, 2015

And just like that, the hunger decreases

Took me nearly a year to just say, "enough", but I've (for now) kicked the simple carbs to the curb. My appetite got cut down in half.  I realized on Friday (before a memorial weekend camping trip) that I had basically forgotten to eat all day where for weeks and months before that I was starting to munch by 10:30 am, then having lunch no later than 1 pm, and then dinner. Now? It's a variation of intermittent fasting again - without feeling like I'm starving myself.

In fact, I had dinner, and it feels like it's sitting on my stomach like a rock. Yes, it was a huge meal of a  protein rich green salad and one slice of light frozen pizza, but until 7pm (12 hours after waking), I had only eaten 400 calories. Most other days when I was high on carbs? I was eating probably 2500 calories before dinner. THAT is how much carbs affect me. It's INSANE!

Anyway, I didn't disappear and give in already. I disappeared because I was away on a camping trip - the first in my life!

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