Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ok, so the body has shrunk a wee bit

A few weeks ago, out of desperation of having absolutely no summer clothes that fit (as I donated all my fat clothes), I went to Marshalls and Goodwill to find some clothes to get me by until I dropped some weight.  2 dresses, a few t-shirts, a couple dressier shirts, and 2 skorts and one pair of shorts.  The dresses and t shirts and shorts fit fine, but both skorts were snug.  Wearable, but a muffin top definitely visible.

Well, Friday night we went to a party (oh my gosh did I feel out of place - hipster 25-30 year old super brilliant people and me) and I wore on of the dresses.  The dress was definitely baggier and didn't fit as well as the day I tried it on.  Then today I wore the other dress I bought.  Again, baggier (with armhole exposing bra on the side thing going on with both dresses). Good thing for summer sweaters.

Then just now I needed a pair of shorts.  The only pair that fit is in the dirty laundry, so I pulled out the skort and now while still a bit tight, not muffin top tight!  I guess 10 pounds, even if mostly water and glycogen weight, do make a difference.

I won't be needing to do much real shopping on the way down.  I will be doing definite closet shopping!

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