Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Definitely annoyed with the scale

I should be seeing losses now (according to my usual cycle), but NOTHING. I had a gain yesterday and while it was a bit lower today than yesterday, it's still higher than it should be. It's REALLY hard to eat at a deficit day in and day out and not see movement on the scale. The scale has basically been the same for 2 weeks and while I know that's NOTHING compared to what some people deal with, I have a hard time with those numbers after awhile. I won't give up or overeat as that would defeat what I'm trying to do here, but it does get hard to be "up" when the scale is up despite my best efforts.

I go to the grocery store and despite 50,000 temptations, I don't give in to them. I have tons of snacks around the house at all times, and I don't give in to them.  So, the scale could cooperate - seriously!

Not much else to say, folks. It's a semi-holiday in the house as my husband took the day off to play in a chess tournament through Sunday. So, I'm feeling a bit out of routine too and a bit bored. It's hot as hades outside, so no going out either. My big excursion was the grocery store.

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