Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No excuse, just needed a mental break

How its been more than 2 months, I have no idea.  I didn't plan on taking a break. That wasn't my intention, but things, life, just got too overwhelming.  I was trying to juggle the 2 part time jobs that required a lot of writing, 2 intensive speech therapies, 3 times a week for my son, 2 times a week physical therapy for my shoulder, taking care of a home, as well as trying to maintain at least one of my personal blogs and trying to stay on top of my fitness.  I just got burned out with writing,  I needed to write for work, so I kept that.  This, my lifeline to staying on top of things all fitness and eating related, got dropped.

Two weeks ago today my one part time job which was temporary, ended.  Just before that, my physical therapy ended (temporarily), and two of the three sessions a week of my sons speech therapy ended.  I took one week to just veg, I window shopped. I Christmas shopped online. I used some much needed me time.

So far this week, I've gotten back into the groove with getting projects at home done, and got a presentation in order for my remaining  job as well as getting things more in order for that job and I celebrated my 43rd birthday. I'm finally ready to jump back into this blog again.

As far as how I've handled fitness and eating, it's been a mixed bag.  I've managed to get in 4 workouts a week, 2 of them weight training. I am physically stronger than I have ever been. Eating has been mostly hit or miss with the last two weeks especially, miss.  Scale says around 182. Definitely not my plan as I hoped to at least stay at 175 by year's end, but for not tracking and for being unbelievably busy, it's not horrible either.  I think a lot of is water weight from too many carbs.  My big problem is that I've upped the sweets as I lost sleep with being so busy.  As life is calming back down, my desire to do better is getting better too. There is actually hope that I will be 175 by month's end if I am holding a lot of water weight as I suspect (and if a cortisone shot doesn't make me hold water).

So, I am 43.  I started this blog after just turning 41- thinking about 42 and how my dad died at the age of 42.  This last year I've spent trying to make fitness and better eating a lifestyle and it's mostly there of that I'm so proud to say. I've now reached an age my father never did.  I don't say that with sadness.  My dad wasn't a part of my life when he died.  He had walked away from us kids when I was a preteen and he died when I was 22. He died 20 years ago now.  I have so much more that he ever had and for that I'm thankful.

So, I am back and I plan to be stay back.  One last final push for this year.  And I WILL finish this weight loss journey early next year.  While this year was a success in maintenance (mostly), I want to finish this weight loss thing!

I'm back, I promise!


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