Friday, December 31, 2010

The Plan

I don't believe in dieting, so I won't diet. People who diet are obsessive and beat themselves up for making mistakes or having weak moments. When it's a special occasion, I will indulge. When I'm hungier on a given day, I will eat. But... I will make good choices, which I do most of the time anyway. My weight has been steady or slowly coming down for the last 5 years. My problem is lack of exercise. Every time I fit exercising into my life, the weight comes down naturally, but I haven't ever been able to make it a daily activity in my life. Laziness, crazy times, etc. So, exercise I shall do.

First, I will walk Henry to and from school (while I can - as I hope to be going back to work soon). Second, I will use the Wii and aerobic videos and once I get into that, I'll look into the gym (as we already have membership). I know me and exercising at home is more likely to happen than having to go somewhere else to do it.

Losing weight without adding fitness, would be torture and disasterous for me - been there, done that. And while I can't say I don't have a weight goal, I'm flexible with it. Ideally, I will lose 75 pounds in the next year, but I would be very happy and satisfied if I lose 50. I can continue from there once I am 42.

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